Pre-Employment Medical

Effective recruitment is an important part of maximising your company’s productivity.

At Employment Ready, we offer an extensive range of pre-employment services which include:

• Comprehensive Medical Questionnaire
• Medical Examination
• Musculoskeletal Assessment
• Functional Assessment
• Cardiovascular Fitness Assessment
• Drug & Alcohol Screening
• Audiometry
• Spirometry
• Vision Screening
• Lead Testing

Pre-Employment Medical Assessments can be used to help you assess whether the candidate is suitable for your company. Each company has unique risk factors and need to meet different legislative requirements. At Employment Ready, we can assist you in developing a medical assessment tailored to your company.

Drug and Alcohol screening

Drug use and inappropriate consumption of alcohol can present a serious risk to the health, safety and productivity of your workplace. Screening for the presence of both can help to minimise these risks.

Employment Ready offers in-clinic and onsite testing available both pre and post-employment including conducting random or on-demand testing. Employment Ready can also assist in the design and implementation of a Drug and Alcohol policy for your workplace or review your existing policies.

Employment Ready conducts testing of oral fluid and urine for the presence of drugs and breath testing for the presence of alcohol. In the event of a non-negative result Employment Ready will arrange for laboratory testing of the sample for confirmation of the presumptive test result.

Employment Ready adheres to the applicable Australian Standards in the conduct of drug and alcohol testing as provided by Standards Australia.

Return to Work Services

Employment Ready is able to support your business with thorough workplace health management, treatment and streamlined return to work strategies.

Employment Ready works with your company and your staff offering tailored treatment solutions for returning your staff to work, including:

  • Education
  • Job analysis
  • Ergonomics
  • Alternative use of the employees skills
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Graduated return to work plans

Employment Ready prides itself on being a holistic provider of workplace care.

Manual Handling Training and Assessments

Manual handing is an unavoidable aspect in any workplace.

At Employment Ready, we are able to assess manual handling practices and identify risk factors to those involved, for example exposure to repetitive, excessive or sustained force, repetitive and poor ergonomic movements, use of poor posture and exposure to vibration.

These and many others factors contribute to significant injury risks in performing manual handling tasks, especially if poor habits and dangerous practices are entrenched and continue for long periods.

Employment Ready is able to identify such risks and formulate solutions to improve the welfare and productivity of the workplace. Such solutions include education and practical manual handling training of those involved, including training in utilising appropriate lifting aids, all of which can be specifically tailored to your workplace requirements.

Ergonomic Assessments

The purpose of these assessments is to facilitate a safe working environment for people performing screen based tasks.

All recommendations are based upon Australian Standard AS 3590 – Screen-based workstations, Part 2.

We offer 2 types of assessment.

1. A preventative assessment designed to highlight any issues with an employee’s workstation, to reduce the risk of any injury/time of work and increase productivity.

2. A more extensive assessment for employees already complaining of issues or discomfort related to their workstation.

Employment Ready ergonomic assessments include consideration regarding the layout, positioning and condition of:

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Chairs
  • Phone
  • Desks
  • Posture
  • Office environment including lighting, glare, temperature and noise levels.
  • Plus other accessories required to operate safely

Employers are then provided with a summary of actions taken during the assessment and any further actions that are required.

The full assessment is also provide for future reference if required.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Managing and preventing injuries is important in any productive workplace. Employment Ready has qualified experienced physiotherapists who will assess, manage and treat employees at the work place. This not only helps improve the efficiency of the work place but also helps control the time lost and associated costs related to workplace injuries.

Early intervention is an important step in the effective treatment of workplace injuries, on-site physiotherapy allows this early intervention to occur and helps minimise the time the employee may spend away from the workplace.

Employment Ready works with the client to ensure there is consistent and comprehensive communication thus enabling effective management of injuries in the workplace and eventually a reduction in the occurrence of such injuries.

On-site Physiotherapy with Employment Ready includes:

  • Treatment and Physiotherapy advice
  • Job analysis and worksite assessment
  • Occupational dictionaires